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12) John T 
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Tuesday, 30 September 2003 01:02 PM

The villas were beautifull and and the enormous outdoor garden bathrooms pure luxury. Sassa, the cook presented us with excellent Balinese meals, with lots of choice and variety. I had a few banana pancakes in Bali, but Sassa's banana pancakes with Balinese honey were the best I've tasted.
We walked around the local village and got friendly hellos from the locals, visited the nearby water palaces and went shopping with Sussa at the nearest market. There was hardly a tourist in sight and nobody tried to sell us a thing - the perfect antidote to shopping in Kuta!
And if you don't like airconditioning Seraya is for you. Onshore breezes blow day and night creating the perfect temperature - a great holiday.
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