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9) Renee and Jay 
Seraya Barat, Bali
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Sunday, 31 August 2003 01:15 AM

We live near Seraya Shores and can attest to its beauty and restful quality. Excellent value for money!

Seraya Shores' location is one of the few seasides in Bali where there are no hawkers, no "HelloMassage?" or "HelloTransport?" Seraya is all about peace and quiet, a truly unique niche in the ultimate Bali experience. Have the sort of sequestered holiday for which famous celebrities will pay thousands! Seraya Shores staff are trained to give you the warm, yet non-intrusive, service that ensures your relaxation and your enjoyment of this quiet part of Bali.

Have you ever wished you could hang a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your whole vacation/holiday? Then Seraya Shores is your dream come true.
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